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Discover Learning Without Walls

Forest School Experiences for Everyone
Serving the Chicago Southland in Monee, Illinois

What is Natural Discovery?

Natural Discovery exists to nurture the whole person in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development through a variety of activities where people of all ages can explore and learn outdoors. This is primarily achieved through three expressions: Timbernook Sensational Experiences; The Arts & Nature; and Creation Care. Natural Discovery is a community development non-profit organization.

The Arts & Nature (Music, Art, and Science Programs)
Tuesdays & Thursdays:
TimberNook Programs (Wild Ones & Little Wild Ones)
Parent Stay TimberNook (Tiny Wild Ones) and Family Forest Programs
Special Events

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Natural Discovery is a FULLY Outdoor Experience

Programs are held on our 20+ acres of undeveloped property in rain, shine, heat or snow. We design our experiences to support and encourage the senses, creativity, imagination, adventure and the whole child. If the weather is just too severe to be safe, programs are cancelled, and a make-up class will be scheduled (if not possible, tuition will be adjusted). View Cancellation Policy here.


Remember that soap, water and a bath after class will be your best friend. Expect that your child may get wonderfully messy, dirty, wet, cold or hot, but always happy!

Natural Discovery Primarily Serves Families and Children

Natural Discovery endeavors to serve everyone at all ages because getting outside is important for everyone. At this time, our experiences primarily serve families with children ages 1.5 to 12 years old looking for outdoor programs to supplement their education.

We offer a diverse set of programs from "parent/care-giver stays" to "drop-off" options.

Items that Make Outdoor Learning More Fun

Since Natural Discovery is 100% outdoors, appropriate outdoor gear is required—from shoes and boots to clothes that are able to be played in and can get dirty, muddy or wet. Other gear that is important: a backpack, a filled water bottle, a snack, a hearty lunch, a towel, a change of clothing, bug spray/sunscreen, and any medication needed. Check out our resources pages for everything you will want to consider.


If there is a question or concern, please reach out to us, and we will work together to make sure everyone is dressed for the weather, ensuring comfort and safety.

Natural Discovery Operates from a Christian Worldview

Although we will not be teaching a specifically Christian curriculum, our faith will be evident in the songs we sing, the blessings and prayers we say, and through our reverence for God and His creation, including Bible stories, the birth and resurrection of Jesus, and God’s unconditional love.

Your FIRST step is to schedule an on-site walk-through!

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Playing The
TimberNook Way

Natural Discovery is a certified TimberNook provider.


TimberNook was designed as the vehicle to get children outdoors in sensory-rich experiences that inspire, restore, and challenge the mind and the body. We strive to be the “living example” of what real, authentic outdoor play should look like.


TimberNook is not your typical nature program. TimberNook programs intricately weave the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors with a thorough understanding of child development and alternative education. The result is a sensory play experience that supports every aspect of the growing child. We do this by skillfully staging and using the environment as inspiration for creative play opportunities.


Why Learn Outside?

  • Fosters Creative Thinking​

  • Builds Confidence and Independence

  • Instills Resilience and Grit

  • Expands Social Skills

  • Develops Emotional Intelligence

  • Strengthens Motor Skills

  • Improves Focus and Concentration

  • Promotes Calm

  • Creates Healthier People 

Why Natural Discovery?

  • Cooperative Child-Led Approach

  • Exploratory, Hands-On Learning

  • Academic Skills + Life Skills

  • Multi-Age Model

  • Low Student-Teacher Ratios

  • Consistent Teacher Guides

  • Homeschool Enrichment

  • Family and Community Focused 

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Current Programs


  • Tiny Wild Ones (Infant-Preschool

  • Little Wild Ones

  • Wild Ones

  • Summer Camps

The Arts & Nature:

  • Art

  • Music

  • Science

Next Steps

  • Complete Registration Forms

  • Submit Payment to PayPal

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