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Tropical Leaves

Our Philosophy

Development and learning are enhanced when children are given the space to follow their curiosities, engage with peers, stimulate all senses, and test their limits

Discovery is

  • Children are naturally born with an intrinsic drive to learn, wonder, and explore
  • Nature provides the richest environment and endless opportunities for discovery
  • Learning outdoors supports unique learning styles, personalities, and interests 


  • Learning is meant to be a social experience we do together in communities and over time
  • Our children spend multiple years with the same Teacher Guides and group of mixed age peers
  • We work in partnership with parents to create the best possible experience away from home


  • Magic and wonder of childhood is preserved through play-based, exploratory, hands-on learning 
  • Low student-teacher ratios allow us to implement a more individualized, child-led approach
  • Everyone has a role as teacher and mentor which promotes both academic and social growth

Academic Skills 
+ Life Skills

  • Social and emotional skills, not academic performance, are the best predictor of long-term success
  • Learning outdoors fosters a growth mindset and positive attitude to adapt and embrace challenges
  • Children need a supportive space to practice skills like problem-solving, risk-taking, and collaborating 
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