Our Philosophy

We strive to affirm the value of each child by creating an environment that encourages learning and exploration and by engaging their families in meaningful
Our approach starts with a foundation of faith that is naturally woven into conversations, not just a "subject" to be completed. Our intentional multiage model organically provides a rich playground for social and emotional learning. We believe that learning is meant to be a social experience that we do together, in community and over time. Our children spend multiple years with the same Teacher Guides and peers to create a safe, loving, family-like learning environment that values and nurtures the individual child and building healthy relationships. In our tight-knit community of learners, everyone becomes a teacher and mentor, providing a fertile ground for endless practice in developing a myriad of life skills such as empathy, compassion, and patience. Our forest school combines philosophies of Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia through activities in science, music, art, language, literature, cooking and problem-solving in an outdoor setting.

Faith-Based Care

At Natural Discovery, quality and loving care is important because we believe in the value of each child as an intentional and beautiful creation of God. We follow the teachings of the Bible and interweave its truths throughout the day as a natural part of lessons and conflict resolution. We pray before meals and incorporate Bible learnings in developing problem-solving skills. Conversations of faith are a natural part of the discoveries children make each day—from spotting a butterfly to experiencing the wonder in clay-modeling or painting.

Family First

Time spent at forest school isn’t meant to replace valuable time in a child’s family unit. Instead, we work to affirm the family structure through close relationships with parents and family. Through positive and regular communication, we partner with parents to create the best possible experience for children when they are away from home. Additional resources for parents help ensure that when families are together, they’re able to focus on the most important thing—being together.

Three Generations

Welcome to Natural Discovery...

Where faith and learning meeting outdoors! We believe each child is uniquely made in the image of God, and they are individually valued and loved.


Our outdoor environment encourages participation based on relationship, listening, openness, and recognition of others. We're mindful of  our approach to natural resources, the materials we use in the classroom, and even our setting, because we know it influences how children learn. We've lovingly created outdoor classrooms, free of walls to bounce off of and rich in natural learning materials, because we believe this works with every child's learning style. Come out to the forest and see for yourself.

Our Programs

At Natural Discovery, all our programs reflect our firm belief that God equipped children as strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder, knowledge and potential. We've designed our programs specifically to give children the ability to learn independently and become lifelong learners. We strive to keep faith, play and nature at the forefront of our curriculum. We have chosen a homeschool approach to each of our programs so that we can partner with parents to give their children a rich feast of an education.


We currently offer 3 distinct programs:

Co-op Family Forest School

Forest Preschool

Forest Co-School 

Forest Preschool

Our nature-based outdoor preschool program is designed for children between the ages of 3-5-years old. We offer a part-time educational program with a wonder-based curriculum for children in this age range who are potty trained. Our forest preschool program focuses on building children's independence through outdoor exploration, play, and peer-relationships. 


Forest Co-School

Elementary students grade K-5th grade receive a rich rotation of academic and hands-on instruction at Forest School. We offer a flexible program in that you can choose a 3 day program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays or 2 days on Tuesdays and Thursdays or a 1 day enrichment option on Thursdays. We use A Gentle Feast curriculum as a base so families can continue their studies at home if they choose.

Forest Co-Op


Our Co-op program works in conjunction with parents, giving tools and practical assistance to discover with their children the natural world that God created, and how it connects with all academic disciplines. The shorter hours gives families an introduction as to how to bring their learning outside. Parents attend this program along with their children. All ages are welcome because the parent is the primary teacher, so they can decide how their family will benefit best from this experience.