Our Philosophy

Our mission is to affirm the value of each child by creating an environment that encourages learning and exploration and by engaging their families in meaningful
relationships. We believe in engaging children through their natural curiosity; we learn best by exploring our surroundings with all of our senses! We combine the philosophies of Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia through activities in science, music, art, language, literature, cooking and problem-solving in both our indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Family First

Time spent at the Center isn’t meant to replace valuable time in a child’s family unit. Instead, we work to affirm the family structure through close relationships with parents and family. We do this with daily progress reports, meetings with parents, and individualized care for children. Through positive and regular communication, we partner with parents to create the best possible experience for children when they have to be away from home. Additional resources for parents help ensure that when families are together, they’re able to focus on the most important thing—being together.

Faith-Based Care

At Natural Discovery, quality and loving care is important because we believe in the value of each child as an intentional and beautiful creation of God. We follow the teachings of the Bible and interweave its truths throughout the day as a natural part of lessons and conflict resolution. We pray before meals and incorporate Bible learnings in developing problem-solving skills. Conversations of faith are a natural part of the discoveries children make each day—from spotting a butterfly to experiencing the wonder in clay-modeling or painting.

Welcome to Natural Discovery

Where each child is valued and loved in an environment that encourages participation based on listening, openness, and recognition of others. At Natural Discovery, we believe everything has purpose and value. This describes our approach to natural resources, the materials we use in the classroom, and even in our setting. We’ve lovingly converted an industrial warehouse into generous-sized indoor classrooms with bright, open play spaces. Come and see for yourself.

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