Our Academics

Our center uses a research-based curriculum called the Creative Curriculum. It gives our teachers the flexibility to develop an emergent curriculum revolving around children's personal interests. This teaching approach fosters a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Our teachers interact with children and provide stimulating opportunities for language and literacy learning. As a result, children begin to experience literacy as a source of enjoyment.


Settled among farmland, with both an indoor and outdoor classroom, science discovery has endless possibilities. We love to go outside and explore the natural world around us.

Interest Areas

We believe children benefit most from play when adults have purposeful involvement. Because our teachers help children organize and express their ideas, play becomes more meaningful.

Arts & Music

Art is a huge part of our world, and we believe early interaction and exploration with art is important to child development. Each classroom is equipped with instruments that children are encouraged to pay with. We also regularly do art projects that are sent home to display proudly.


Our rooms are set up as a learning environment. By placing mathematics materials in interest areas, we encourage child-initiated explorations with a focus on mathematics.

Physical Education

Our spacious outdoor play area has plenty of room to exercise and build strong and healthy muscles. Our natural play equipment encourages development of fine and gross motor skills.