Join Us Forest Homestead Summer Camp
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Allow your child's imagination to soar this summer at our Homestead in the Forest! Develop shops, barter for goods, build a home—their imagination will thrive! Create goods using recycled products as well as things found in nature. Learn all about gardens, harvesting and even taste fresh fruits and vegetables!


Welcome to Forest School

Where Faith and Learning meet Outside

Not Every Classroom Has Four Walls

Natural Discovery Forest School, nestled in our beautiful newly acquired woodlands in Monee, south of Chicago, offers families flexible programming to get outside and naturally learn in God's creation. We’ve removed the walls and brought child-led, exploratory learning to where it makes the most impact: outside.


Forest schools (also known as “forest kindergartens”) have been well established for over 50 years and are among the fastest growing models in early-childhood education. Why? Because they work. Development and learning are enhanced when children are given the space and confidence to follow their curiosities, engage with peers, stimulate all senses, and test their limits.


We believe when we combine this with natural conversations about faith, that it fosters a love of learning which will serve them well beyond primary school and into their adult lives.

Green Forest

More Creative Thinking

Being outside in a child-led environment requires children to use more creative thinking through play, transforming sticks, pinecones, acorns, and other open-ended materials into marvelous forts, games and creations. Studies suggest that outdoor play enables more creative thinking. 

Instilling Resilience 

Children engage in more risky play outdoors. whether they're climbing trees, crossing logs over creeks, or sitting around a fire, children learn how to navigate many risks outdoors. Risky play nurtures adventurousness and is believed to build more resilience and grit in children, which are core leadership skills applicable throughout life. 

Less Distraction

Outdoors, kids have more opportunities to run around and burn off excess energy. Researchers have found that nature has calming effects that make it easier for kids to focus on school. Additional research has shown that forest school is particularly beneficial to kids with ADHD. Being in the wild calms the child.

Healthier Kids

In forest school, children are significantly more active than in a traditional classroom setting. Prolonged physical activity can attribute to better motor skills, and less childhood obesity. Being outdoors significantly lowers the risk of spreading illness due to exposure to healthy bacteria and fresh air. 

Why Forest School?

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